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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turkish Delight

So we had some friends over for a shared Turkish dinner and I attempted Turkish Delight.

Are you impressed?

I mainly used this recipe - except that when I got to simmer for 30-45mins mine was so thick it wouldn't simmer.

So I kind of skipped that vital step and kept my fingers crossed.

It looked pretty good and tasted okay - I really like proper Turkish Delight but this really didn't cut the mustard for me.

I also made 2 chocolate brownies - one infused with orange and the other infused with fennel - to give them a slightly Turkish feel.

Joining in with Ange.

Love you more than pistachio Turkish Delight xxx

Monday, January 21, 2013

B.M.W.B # 4 - Letting the Day Roll

I love holidays with my wee men. In our family I want to create a real sense of team - everyone having ownership, everyone's input being valuable. I love that at my boys ages (6 and 4) it's really easy to do these things.

So this week when Flip suddenly requested playdough we let our day take a new direction.

I let them pick their own colours and we found some glitter to add too. I let them add things for the mixture, Flip read the recipe for me too and they both kneaded the colour through themselves and then they played and I chatted - 'oh who's making me a biscuit', 'look those bears are in the spa pool'.

They felt so proud of there personalised creations. Another thing we might do another time is add some kind of scent (spices or essential oils) to add another element for the senses.

Here's the recipe we use:
1 c flour                              2 tsp cream of tartar                               1 Tbs oil
1/2 c salt                            1 c boiling water                                      food colouring

Mix flour, salt, oil and cream of tartar
Add boiling water and mix
(if you want to knead colour through let it cool a bit before you give it to children to play with)

I have so enjoyed reading the posts you've been linking in.

There are a couple of mama's I've especially asked to link in with the beautiful posts they have written about parenting this week. Do come back in have an inspiring read of other people's great ideas.

What are you loving about parenting??

Create Hope Inspire
Becoming the Mama I want to be is about taking time to enjoy the journey of parenting, to honour it's value and to hopefully inspire and encourage each other. I'd love to have your linky if you are keen.

You can grab the button code on the right if you'd like to :o)

Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Make My Week - Spring Maxi and Muesli

I debuted this dress yesterday at Wardrobe Wednesday. I made it on Sunday afternoon/evening after my sister inspired me by suggesting a maxi.

I often respond emotionally to fabric and this is one of those purchases. These colours are ones I can't seem to go past - blues, greens and some purple - ahhhhh. It actually has white, yellow and brown in it too which I hadn't really realised.

The fabric is one of those awful types that always stuffs up the stretch on my machine and makes all the stitches skip. So as an experiment I decided to keep a sharp needle on rather than changing to a stretch needle which has a blunt point. Completely successful.

I had totally lost my way with this fabric I couldn't think of what to do with it. Naomi came up with the maxi idea and pushed me away from a navy sash towards the yellow to pull out the yellow in the fabric. I like the way I can tie it front or back.

I got rather a lot of comments (in person) on it - I always find people comment a lot on colour when I wear it, maybe it's because us kiwi's wear a lot of black or maybe it's just the shining sun that makes people more likely to enjoy colour and give others encouragement.

I can see this dress is going to get a heap of wear it is super stretchy and comfy, it is a good hairy-leg cover-up option for summer and the colours make me smile!

I also made another batch of super simple muesli. This is a family recipe and it is so easy and quick. I promised a recipe if someone asked and lovely Bec did.
5-6 c rolled oats
2 cups bran
2 cups wheat germ (wheat germ is the best - we used to have it on our porridge as kids)
I also add 1 cup of coconut as well - let's call that optional

1 cup liquid honey (or heat your normal honey in the microwave to soften it like I did)
1 cup skim milk (or whatever you have - I'm sure non dairy would work too if you roll that way)

mix it all together in a roasting dish - I find a wooden spoon and hands successful - and bake at 150 degrees C for about 40 mins. (adjust according to your crunch preference!)
If you want a nice even toast, mix it a bit during baking time. If you are lazy like me you will have a toastier top.

Add in any fruit or nut combinations you like and enjoy. Sweet but not sickly so and no oil/fat or processed sugar as well as being a complete doddle to make. My boys love it.

Kind of a random Make My Week combination this week. To see other creative happenings click on Our Creative Spaces on the right.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Heard Your Heart Say Love... and a Giveaway!

or something similar!

It's Friday again. Day for reflecting on the week that was and the joys that have accompanied it.

Favourite images of the week are these 2 friends at the kindy 'breakfast, wear your PJs' party.

This week I've also loved catching up with friends and sharing special moments of life together. I definitely measure friendships in the levels of sharing given and received. When people share the journey's of their hearts with me I feel that deep sense of privilege and joy in their trust.

I've also loved making this bread for the first time. For kiwi's I'd say very similar to vogel's bread. It has 2 cups of seeds in it (I used Chia, Sunflower and Pumpkin) and it is a no knead bread as well! Whoop! One loaf did explode rather ungraciously in the oven but I can forgive it for that. Make again? Yes. Online recipe here. I also managed to stab myself with a sharp piece of crust on the edge of one loaf (check out those mean jagged edges!) and I drew blood! I kid you not - blood people.

I also picked myself up some very 80s? pumps in orange from an op-shop this week, they called out to me and I don't think Deb would have wanted them!

Oh and before I go all missing my 'planned giveaway each month' here is one for June. This is a beautiful long oblong/rectangle shaped 100% silk scarf from Trade Aid - which means not only is it gorgeous it is also ethically made and the makers receive fair wages.

What isn't to love? Enter by leaving a comment and if you are a follower by email or google or some other way leave me another comment and you'll get 2 entries.  Happy to send it anywhere in the world - I'm not sure about inter-galactic postage it seems too unpredictable!

Entries close 10th of July. Winner chosen out of a hat by one of my delicious children

What has made you smile this week?

and just to make me happy and hopefully inspire me for some creative endeavour what is your favourite colour combination?

Joining in gratefully

Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Easy, Super Cute Marshmallow Pops

Okay so just in case you really wanted a DIY here it is:
Last week Flip and I made these gorgeous marshmallow pops

To start with I gave some wooden kebab skewers a quick spray with cooking oil to help the marshmallows not to stick too much
Thread on a marshmallow and very quickly dip in water
Shake off excess water
Dip in jelly crystals (hey I never said they were healthy!) and pop in a jar or similar to allow them to dry
** You do need to shake off the excess water or it makes the jelly crystals wet and lumpy**

We used lemon and raspberry and they had a slightly sherbert/sour taste on the outside which complimented the marshmallow beautifully.
OR - thread the marshmallows and dip in melted chocolate and then in sprinkles (or not) which is one of my all time favourite combos chocolate and marshmallow -

It seems to be a peculiarly kiwi thing - pineapple lumps, pinky bars, perky nanas, marshmallow Easter eggs, mallowpuffs..... I missed them all in the UK.

I love these for a party or just to make an exciting-looking and easy treat.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fudge Baby!

As you may be aware I’m always a little reluctant to share recipes from a book people can buy unless I can find the recipe on-line but in this case I know the book is kind of hard to find/buy and if you are a calorie lover, like I am – it’s a good buy so I hope I will be encouraging you to get it by sharing the recipe.
The recipe is from a  book called ‘Wicked-sweet indulgences’ by the Australian Women’s Weekly

360g white choc
1/2 c smooth peanut butter
400g dark choc
grease and line a 20x30cm line and have the paper extending over on 2 sides (for lifting)
melt white choc over simmering water
cool for 5 mins then add peanut butter – stir until smooth
melt dark choc
drop spoonfuls of alternating mixture into the pan and tap/shake lightly to level (see the first pic on my blog)
move a skewer back and forwards through mix to marble
stand at room temp for 2 hours until set – cut into small pieces

Their instructions are obviously much more thorough than this.
SO easy!! not really fudge but similar and it looks so lovely with the marbling

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make My Week #14 - Check Out My Buns

Well just when I thought I had no show and tell.... I remembered you might like to see my buns, oh hush now you know I am teasing!! :-)
I've just completed my 2nd round of Hot Cross Buns for the tasting.

We are having 11 children and 12 adults for an Easter Egg hunt and Hot Cross Buns over on Sunday morning before church (as you do!)

My original batch was the delightful Mrs Cake's recipe - renders 16 buns
and these ones are from Jo Seagar (click for the recipe) - renders 32 buns

As a bun lover The Atlas (who is definitely Hot! but hardly ever Cross) will make the final decision.

And just to keep it real - here's an Easter fail - homemade egg that cracks as you take it out of the mold? Not cool. However it still tastes okay - which leads me to another Easter fail - Lent without sugar?  Not so successful.

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