Friday, January 29, 2016

Making - Stack and Slash

Some long years ago I learnt the stack and slash method of quilting which is good for a non-perfectionist, impatient crafter like me!

When The Atlas had someone on his team having a baby he asked me if I would make a quilt for them - I do love a good request from The Atlas.

Not knowing what they were having (a person of some gender I assume!) or knowing their personal style I tried to take a middle ground.

I actually just made the top and backed it with our favourite bumpy fabric. I let my boys help me choose the fabrics within guidelines.

They love it (or they lie well!!) which is all you want really when you make something for someone else.

My first official make for 2016 (although it was made in 2015 - full disclosure and all). I'm not sure how much making will happen until we are back in our own digs, probably in April/May.

How's your crafting started? I do have some very good fabric scores already for this year though... more on that another time.

Love you more than a happy recipient xxx

Monday, January 18, 2016

Yeah I Made It... 2015 the extras 52+

So, we left it at the giant pink kaftan and we wasn't done crafty-crafters,

There was also the tent dress - I used the top of a dress pattern to trace the neck and arm hole shapes and then drew a triangle outwards.

More vintage fabric in some 60s man-made fabric monstrosity. So, a calico underdress because we all know the feeling of sweating up a storm in fake fabric - amiright? Just me? Also I do appreciate room for the breeze to circulate. This dress holds a multitude of sweat streaming down in unpleasant ways... there's a happy image for us all.

Then this maxi which The Atlas likes the style but not the colour - 'You need more vibrant colours' he says. Man loves me and my colours - he's a keeper.

I'm not convinced this one is here to stay but what's life without sharing some outtakes right? Also a little see through which means I have to choose between a slip and thigh silhouette (always choosing the slip fyi), which makes it a less cool choice than hoped for.

It must be said this dress is not helped by the I just got out of bed and I'm going up to the pools for a swim so I haven't showered yet look. Also it can be admitted, holiday and I'm leaving soon farewell eating... not doing me any favours just now.

Necklaces for gifty purposes.

Christmas Eve PJs (a family tradition).

Plus some other less exciting un-photgraphed stuff. I do like the weekly recording though. Maybe I'll do a summary post - there's something to be excited by aye?!

and that means at least 52 makes in 2015 - you can find the lot here. 

So what does 2016 hold creatively? I do like these weekly makes but an extended 'inbetween homes period' coming up might mean it's not weekly... let's see how it all pans out shall we?

So what was your top creative endeavour in 2015?

Is there something you'd like to see me try in 2016?

Would you like to issue me with a creative challenge for this year?

Do share!

love you more than a sewing bonanza xxx

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Last Days In Australia

Some of our lovely friends are letting us stay our last Aussie days in their beautiful home.

They are flying a NZ flag from their flag pole in our honour - can there be a greater act of love from an Australian to fly a kiwi flag at their place?

The temperatures have been in the high 30s - 38 degrees ... more tomorrow.

We're making the most of the pool and the wonderful things we have around us before we return to NZ.

There will be sad feelings leaving this lovely place but we're packing in as many lovely moments to fill our memory buckets with.

Adelaide you have been so, so good to us - with occasionally punishing temperatures.

love you more than a cool swim right outside the door xxx

Saturday, January 2, 2016

fifty one and fifty two

I know it feels a bit like wearing yesterday's underwear these -  finishing off when it's already January posts - but as a bad finisher I must do them for myself.

Finishing up the year with Phoenix matches and Christmas cupcakes

It's been such a treat to have these 'each week' photo records and the photo book versions are oft thumbed through.

love you more than a late finish xxx

Thursday, December 31, 2015


So many special memories to be treasured

these are the snaps we've been snapping on our phones lately

3 weeks to go in lovely, but hot, Australia

There have been crafty days

family visiting

enjoying the city

enjoying each other

hope your Decembering has been full - full of love, experiences, joyfulness and chilling out

Happy last of 2015 to you all

love you more than Christmas lights xxxx

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yeah I Made It... 50/52 The Giant Pink Kaftan

Tropical greetings from the unbearably hot city of Adelaide!

I recently purchased this piece of floral, all-the-pinks, chiffon from a retro/vintage/second-hand shop that was closing down.

This fabric makes me happy on so many levels, but it's chiffon which means it would be a dog to sew. Ergo, one decided that the fewest seams possible would be the go. I used the selvage edges and really only cut a head hole which I finished with bias binding.

I did add some simple tucks under the bust for minimal shaping. In this dress I could be anything from a size 6-46.

It may be noted that the giant pink kaftan is not everyone's cup of tea - I think The Atlas may have felt slightly faint (in the bad way) when he first saw it, he was polite enough not to groan outwardly or making gagging noises!

I get it, the kaftan in lurid pinks and 60s design is not everyone's top choice for style and sophistication - but let's be honest sophistication isn't a word you were going to use when you described me to a friend anyway.

I wear:
Kaftan - vintage fabric $8, made by me with items from stash
Shoes - second hand $15
Necklace - Oxfam $15-20
Earrings - gift from a friend
Bracelet - bought at a vintage shop

It does not need saying but this must always be worn with a slip, unless it is for poolside lounging. Poolside lounging requires lengths of time outdoors - therefore this will never be used for poolside lounging.

I won't wear this on Christmas day, as a gift to The Atlas. But I have worn it out in public twice so far.

I love it.

How about you - a lurid pink gigantic kaftan top of your Christmas wish-list? Tell me.

love you more than a breeze flowing from one armhole through to the other xxx

Monday, December 14, 2015

fifty of fifty two

Getting into the Christmas Spirit on a walk through town - looks rather real!

Having fun in the parklands.

love you more than being inside for the rest of the week as the temperatures soar xxx